Data quality awareness at C-level

In the Linked-In discussion group, C. Lwanga Yonke asks why it is so hard for C-level executives to understand the strategic importance of quality data? See (if you can on LinkedIn) the discussion here.

My reaction is as follows.

Data quality, funny, the combination of these two words feel like "car quality". I think the C-level has to assume that data the organisation owns and uses is fit for purpose. Just as a car is fit for driving. There is no reason to take measures or to even doubt the fitness for purpose until the "car refuses to stop on the highway". And then even that appears to be a hoax.

In my opinion, as the solution for effects of poor data quality is in the improvement of processes (anyone doubts?), you simply have to decide on what 'quality level' your organisation is going to be. The quality the organisation embeds in it's culture is the quality that will be reflected in the data.

I can not imagine a C-level executive of a company with a 'quick-and-dirty' type of businessmodel will be surprised when the data they produce is of poor quality.

My conclusion: it comes with the business.

If you want to solve it, put yourselves in their shoes.

What do you think?


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