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What's up with roles in data management?

Many requests reach my employer for help in the area of Data Management, Information Management, Business Intelligence (BI), Business Information Management (BIM), Information Architecture, Data Architecture and related roles. Also, there are a good amount of jobs available in these area’s. But when you ask twelve people to explain these specialisms, unfortunately, at least thirteen different answers come back.

There is no unambiguous understanding about the parts that have to be acted in roles like Information Manager, Data Architect, Data Manager, (business) Data Steward, Architect, Data Warehouse Architect, Data Architect and even Chief Information Officer. I think it can come across as quite immature to non-IT people (as well as to some IT people) that, apparently, we are not able to build and communicate a simple function matrix.

From my own experience, here are some examples of big differences of opinion. Take for example the “Information Manager”. While one team manager…