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Idea: Antarctica, home of Cloud

Are you ready for the Cloud? The IT vendors of cloud services want to know from their (potential) clients. They've invested a great deal in Datacenters that are waiting to record the bits for people from all over the world. Business Intelligence is one of the areas that could make use of cloud services. And if it wasn't I'd still be interested in cloud because security is a data management issue.

Just this week it Twittered before my eyes: "Don't use cloud for sensitive data, EU warns members" and according to 'a recent survey' 53% of executives are uncomfortable with the 'public cloud'. Although more than 80% of enterprises have at least one cloud service in use almost 70% of executives question security of the services.

Much of the reserves of these 'executives' stem from the fear data will fall in the hands of competition, the general public (Wikileaks), or the CIA/NSA/FBI and such.

Seriously and partially understandable, organizati…

Domme politici?

Dit is een reactie op het artikel: "5 oorzaken van politiek onbenul over ict" van Jasper Bakker in WebWereld van 1 januari 2011. Het artikel is hier te vinden. Eerder deze week op

Jasper Bakker haalt hier een heel belangrijk punt aan, onbekendheid van politici met ICT. Het gaat echter niet alleen om de onwetendheid van politici en burgers, die m.i. een plicht hebben hun electronische hulpmiddelen te kennen zoals iedere burger geacht wordt de wet te kennen. Het is meer nog een zaak van verantwoordelijkheid nemen door ICT leveranciers.

Onbekendheid is in principe niet kwalijk te nemen, de meeste politici hebben er niet voor gestudeerd en zoals terecht opgemerkt wordt:
"ict is complex. Heel complex, en voor veel mensen te complex. En politici zijn ook maar mensen. Het zijn experts die de ingewikkelde keten van de informatie- en communicatietechnologie goed kunnen volgen, en daarin ook allang in deelgebiedjes zijn gespecialiseerd."Politiek hee…

Zynga takes over Flock

You'll probably say: "Wow ... er...", so for some of you that are not all that familiar with the 43298 companies in Social interwebworking, games and media this needs some explanation.

Zynga is the company that brought us Farmville, Cityville and Mafia Wars, games on Facebook. The new game on Facebook, Cityville got 85 million game players in one month after launch.

Flock is a webbrowser with built-in connection to and display of all of your social network sites like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr a.s.o.

Zynga made Facebook a million dollar a day, according to Techcrunch in May and won the bidding from Google and Twitter who also were interested.

So what can that bring us? To speculate, I imagine a Tweetdeck like application that has browser capability and let's us interact directly with our 'Friends' on the Social networking sites, whilst playing the games, with those friends, that are developed by Zynga.

Although I'm not much of a gamer, I gamble on one possi…