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DQ and Social Big Data an issue?

In his blog on The Dataroundtable, David Loshin very rightfully points out there is a number of approaches for Data Quality that will not work in the realm of Big Data, especially of the 'unstructured' type. Below is my response to his blog post, where I feel triggered beyond imagination.
To David: Hi David. I got a sort of short-circuit from your post. I'm not sure if that was the purpose of your post but it happened and I still want to thank you for it. Not many blogs cause such hefty reactions.

My question is: Do you think data quality / -management professionals should respond in a serious manner to a 'business' question about quality of 'Social Big Data'? When no-one has an incentive to bring quality into the information process upstream, the battle with the beast is lost by definition. 
The next question is: "Do we need to battle". I can't imagine anybody expecting high quality from a Social Big Dat…