European privacy law impacts on data management

October 21th is an interesting day for Europeans. Their privacy was voted upon in the European Parliament and the decision is that they will push forward with this law. 

The proposal was heavily amended, nearly 4,000 amendments to the original plan, by the parliament's civil liberties committee. One of the amendments was to increase the fine to 5 percent of annual worldwide turnover or 100 million euros, whichever is greater. The Googles, Yahoo's and Facebooks of the world will take this serious. These companies have lobbied heavily against this proposed law, because they are afraid they will be hampered in their operation of handling their (our) data and it might limit the targeting possibilities with this data.

Authorities in the United States also opposed this law because they are worried that the rest of the world will follow suit in stricter data rules. Especially countries in Latin America, Asia and the Middle East, will then probably set higher global data protection levels. 

Part of the ruleset is companies that handle datasets of more than 5000 people are obliged to appoint a Privacy Officer. 

You will always get direct insight into the data that is kept on you, on your request, and we now have the right to be erased!

For professionals in data management it will mean increased attention for data protection, influence on data strategy and more/better governance needed. 


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