Interesting results in European BI Survey 2012 - 2013

Only 7% of participants grade Big Data as very relevant.

This is one of the many eye-catching results of the BI Survey that is presented by Steria (, an IT enabled Business Services company.

In December 2012 to Januari 2013, they surveyed 668 companies / organizations in 20 different European countries. With this many participants, it is one of the largest BI surveys in Europe.

Interesting results, however no really big surprises. In spite of all the hyping that is done on Big Data, only 7% grade it as being very relevant, 33% as hardly or not relevant. 

Steria concludes that Data quality is the Achilles Heel of BI. Still, after many years of attention for this problem, 38% of the companies says they have a data quality problem.

Overall the recorded maturity levels, comparable to the Gartner Maturity model for BI and PM, is around three. That is actually not bad. What we find in The Netherlands is generally a bit lower, say 2.5. Holland was not included in this survey, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, UK, Scandiavia, France were.

Check the survey at their site:


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